MUTT(tm) Lite is a Grafman production
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[X] MUTT(tm) Mutli-User Trivial Terminal - Copyright © 1995 Robert M. Free - All rights reserved
MUTT(tm) and MUTTER(tm) are trademarks of Robert M. Free

MUTT(tm) Lite is a free Winsock-based MUD client that features:

- MDI presentation of multiple mud connections
- Scripting, Triggers, Hotkeys, Cursor Key Navigation
- Triggerable warning dialogs and user-definable pop-ups
- Fully re-entrant, non-blocking scripting language
- Supports sound and multi-media viewers
- Log file data capture and Drag&Drop data transmission
- Supports all Winsock 1.1 compliant configurations
- Supports Tiny, LP, DIKU, MOO, etc.
- Runs on Win3.x, Win95 and NT
- Small: executable is less than 32K


The Lite version is designed to be a free, barebones version of MUTT(tm). It's design criteria is simple: pack as many essential features as possible into a 32K executable.

As such, it lacks friendly menus and dialogs for configuration, and it's script parser is very rigid. However, if you are willing to spend the time to read the documentation and create some custom script files, you will find that the "Lite" version packs a lot of wallop.

I have avoided supporting toolbars in Lite, as they force you to repeatedly switch from mouse to keyboard - which can be a killer on battle muds. All operations in Lite are available via keyboard.

NOTE: MUTT(tm) Lite is free, but it is not public domain. The distributed zip file may be freely shared, provided all the contents are intact and unchanged. MUTT(TM) Lite may not be bundled with any other product without the prior written permission of the author.

Latest Version

To download a copy of MUTT(tm) Lite, enable "Load to Disk/File" on your web client and depress one of the "Fetch" buttons.

FETCH (72,393 bytes)

Instructions for installation is available in a readme file.

Online HELP is also available, as well as a list of MUD sites, and a description of what a MUD is.

3rd Party Utilities

Kynn Bartlett's TinyMUTT for tf, TinyMUSH and FurryMuck users, provides MUD client addons.

Etienne Varloot's MUTTComp addon for enhanced command aliasing.

For more information on MUTT(tm), email