MUTT(tm) INFO Multi-User Trivial Terminal

What's New with MUTT(tm) - November 7, 1995

Pete McVay has contributed a WinHelp file for MUTT(tm) Lite!

What's New with MUTT(tm) - October 24, 1995

Released MUTT(tm) Lite 0.1K, with the following changes:
  1. Fixed a problem involving Compuserve/Spry/Twinsock winsocks.

  2. Fixed "break"; it now disables triggers.

  3. Fixed "findstr" and "equstr"; they now work when both parameters are variables.

  4. Removed size limit from "send".

  5. Added Win3.x multi-threaded support to allow outgoing commands while receiving incoming spams.

  6. Improved Cut&Paste handling from the display window. <ctrl-v> pastes selected text to commandline; <ctrl-x> replaces commandline -- <ctrl-c> is not required for pasting from display to commandline.

  7. Added a "pause" mode that temporarily prevents the display window from scrolling while it has focus. You can toggle this on and off via <ctrl-s>. A green bar indicates pause is off; red indicates that pause is on.

  8. Added a ";beep( number )" command which can be used to play sounds. If the number is positive, it plays a standard Windows sound; if negative, it beeps that many times. If you have a sound card, 16=STOP, 32=QUESTION, 48=EXCLAMATION and 64=ASTERISK.

  9. Added an "exec" command that runs programs or launches registered documents (.BMP, .WAV, .AVI, etc.). Usage: exec( "notepad", "c:\autoexec.bat" ); or just exec( "zing.wav" ); if .WAV is associated with a player. I recommend getting the latest WPLANY to play .WAV files: Lite now comes with some sample .WAV files.

  10. Changed "log" so that you can have a separate log file for each session. This is independent of the Open/Close Log menu option - which opens a single log for all sessions.

  11. Added command line options for setting startup host:port & script info.

  12. Provided a few sample .WAV files.

Etienne released MUTT(tm) Compagnion Version 6 which supports the above 0.1K changes.

What's New with MUTT(tm) - August 25, 1995

Another great MUTT(tm) addon has been released: MUTT(tm) Compagnion by Etienne Varloot in France.

It provides enhanced macro aliasing by subclassing Lite's edit window!

I highly recommend this addon.

What's New with MUTT(tm) - August 23, 1995

Well Gang -

I've blown my schedule completely. I have been completely swamped at work and haven't been able to touch MUTT in a while - there's no way that Live or Elite will make it for Win95's retail release.

I apologize to those who have been so patiently waiting, and I appreciate all the encouraging email that you keep sending.

Live and Elite haven't died, they'll just have to wait until I get caught up at work.

Thanks, again, for all your support! - Bob Free

What's New with MUTT(tm) - August 12, 1995

Added a MUTT(tm) Feedback form.

Added a Bug Report form.

What's New with MUTT(tm) - June 30, 1995

I've created a 01k beta 1 release that adds a fix to support Compuserve/Spry's CID winsock.

This should correct connect problems with other newer Winsocks that prevent Lite from connecting as the first Winsock app.

Note: this release is identical to 01j, except for the change mentioned above - if you do not have the above connect problem, there is no need to get this release. Please do not distribute this beta copy - it is not supported.

Please email for any problems you notice in this beta.

What's New with MUTT(tm) - June 6, 1995

Added a section and ftp directory for 3rd party MUTT(tm) utilities:

What's New with MUTT(tm) - May 10, 1995

Not much, lately. I've been real busy at work - as soon as I get caught up, I'll have some weekends free to work on Live.

Live has been in various states of alpha since the beginning of the year. Here are some of the features that have already been added/tested:

I've added other features, but have omitted them from the above list, in case I decide to save them for Elite.

A lot of people have asked me how much I'll be charging for Live. I haven't decided yet - it depends on how many features make it into the release, and how much support I'll be providing.

I have just received a merchant account allowing me to accept visa and mastercard charges. I intend to take orders via a secure (SSL/HTTPS) web server. For those of you do not have a compatible client, I will also accept PGP encoded orders and orders by mail. Order forms will be made available when Live is ready for release.

I have also set up a deal with a major Winsock vendor, who will be bundling Live with their Internet client/server suite.

I hope to upgrade my Internet connection from 28k to 128k ISDN by the end of the month. This should make it easier to access MUTT's online help and order forms.

For more information on MUTT(tm), email