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[X] MUTT(tm) Mutli-User Trivial Terminal - Copyright © 1995 Robert M. Free - All rights reserved
MUTT(tm) and MUTTER(tm) are trademarks of Robert M. Free

MUTT(tm) is a Winsock-based MUD client that features:

- Multiple Sesssions and AutoLogin Scripting
- Multi-threaded send/receive for better battle performance
- C-like programmable scripting, hotkeys, cursorkey navigation
- Triggerable sounds, video, pop-ups, 3rd party applications
- Logging, path recording and drag&drop file quoting
- Autodisplay pause, accelerated cut&paste features
- Runs on Win3.x, Win95 and NT

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MUTT(tm) is available in several flavors:

- If you want a free MUD client - that supports a scripting language, triggers, hotkeys and cursor key navigation - without the overhead of a fancy GUI, or the drawbacks of a toolbar (forcing you to repeatedly switch between keyboard and mouse), Lite is the one you'll want.

- If you just have to have ANSI color support and/or a fancy UI, Live is a MUD client that provides dialogs for easy configuration, a built-in script editor and a number of other new features.

- If you want a 32bit MUD client, with DLL support for 3rd party addons, Elite is the way to go.

- Still in its design phase, the Esprit MUD client will offer 3D roaming and multimedia effects.

3rd Party Utilities

- Kynn Bartlett's TinyMUTT for tf, TinyMUSH and FurryMuck users, provides MUD client addons.

- Etienne Varloot's MUTTComp addon for enhanced command aliasing.

- Pete McVays's WinHelp File - an early draft.

MUTT(tm) Info

- What's NEW with MUTT(tm)

- Reviews and feedback from users.

- MUTT's Mud List

- MUTT(tm) Online Help

- What's a MUD?

MUTT(tm) Beta Testers

Quite a few people have offered to be beta testers for Live and Elite. Thank you - I appreciate the offers! However, due to the number of requests, I am limiting beta releases to those who can excersize MUTT's scripting language.

If you would like to receive a beta license, please contribute some interesting MUTTER(tm) scripts - if they exhibit an understanding of how MUTTER scripting works, or if they exercise a unique feature of MUTT(tm) - you'll be added to my beta list.

Please send all script contributions uuencoded to:

Note: Live is not yet available for beta.

For more information on MUTT(tm) and MUD Clients, email