Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - W. Hathaway

0624 M. Krilanovich, G. Gregg, W. Hathaway, J. White, "Comments on the    
     File Transfer Protocol", 02/28/1974. (Pages=4) (Format=.txt) 
     (Obsoletes RFC 0607) 

0595 W. Hathaway, "Second thoughts in defense of the Telnet Go-Ahead",    
     12/12/1973. (Pages=5) (Format=) 

0513 W. Hathaway, "Comments on the new Telnet specifications",            
     05/30/1973. (Pages=3) (Format=) 

0512 W. Hathaway, "More on lost message detection", 05/23/1973.           
     (Pages=1) (Format=) 

0418 W. Hathaway, "Server file transfer under TSS/360 at NASA Ames",      
     11/27/1972. (Pages=10) (Format=) 

0135 W. Hathaway, "Response to NWG/RFC 110", 04/29/1971. (Pages=2)        
     (Format=) (Updates RFC 0110) 

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