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RFCs Authored by - S. Williamson

2167 S. Williamson, M. Kosters, D. Blacka, J. Singh, K. Zeilstra,         I
     "Referral Whois (RWhois) Protocol V1.5", 06/20/1997. (Pages=69) 
     (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes RFC 1714) 

1714 S. Williamson, M. Kosters, "Referral Whois Protocol (RWhois)",       I
     12/15/1994. (Pages=46) (Format=.txt, .ps) (Obsoleted/Updated by 
     RFC 2167) 

1261 S. Williamson, L. Nobile, "Transition of NIC Services", 09/19/1991.  I
     (Pages=3) (Format=.txt) 

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