Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - S. Deering

2073 Y. Rekhter, P. Lothberg, R. Hinden, S. Deering, J. Postel, "An IPv6  PS
     Provider-Based Unicast Address Format", 01/08/1997. (Pages=7) 

1981 J. McCann, S. Deering, J. Mogul, "Path MTU Discovery for IP version  PS
     6", 08/14/1996. (Pages=15) (Format=.txt) 

1885 A. Conta, S. Deering, "Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv6)    PS
     for the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)", 01/04/1996. (Pages=20) 

1884 R. Hinden, S. Deering, "IP Version 6 Addressing Architecture",       PS
     01/04/1996. (Pages=18) (Format=.txt) 

1883 S. Deering, R. Hinden, "Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6)          PS
     Specification", 01/04/1996. (Pages=37) (Format=.txt) 
     (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 2147) 

1256 S. Deering, "ICMP Router Discovery Messages", 09/05/1991.            PS
     (Pages=19) (Format=.txt) 

1191 J. Mogul, S. Deering, "Path MTU Discovery", 11/16/1990. (Pages=19)   DS

1112 S. Deering, "Host extensions for IP multicasting", 08/01/1989.       S
     (Pages=17) (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes RFC 0988) (STD 5) 

1075 S. Deering, C. Partridge, D. Waitzman, "Distance Vector Multicast    E
     Routing Protocol", 11/01/1988. (Pages=24) (Format=.txt) 

1054 S. Deering, "Host extensions for IP multicasting", 05/01/1988.       
     (Pages=19) (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes RFC 0988) (Obsoleted/Updated by 
     RFC 1112) 

0988 S. Deering, "Host extensions for IP multicasting", 07/01/1986.       
     (Pages=20) (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes RFC 0966) (Obsoleted/Updated by 
     RFC 1054) 

0966 S. Deering, D. Cheriton, "Host groups: A multicast extension to      
     theInternet Protocol", 12/01/1985. (Pages=27) (Format=.txt) 
     (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 0988) 

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