Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - S. Crocker

1898 D. Eastlake, B. Boesch, S. Crocker, M. Yesil, "CyberCash Credit      I
     Card Protocol Version 0.8", 02/19/1996. (Pages=52) (Format=.txt) 

1848 S. Crocker, N. Freed, J. Galvin, S. Murphy, "MIME Object Security    PS
     Services", 10/03/1995. (Pages=48) (Format=.txt) 

1847 J. Galvin, S. Murphy, S. Crocker, N. Freed, "Security Multiparts     PS
     for MIME: Multipart/Signed and Multipart/Encrypted", 10/03/1995. 
     (Pages=11) (Format=.txt) 

1796 C. Huitema, J. Postel, S. Crocker, "Not All RFCs are Standards",     I
     04/25/1995. (Pages=4) (Format=.txt) 

1776 S. Crocker, "The Address is the Message", 04/01/1995. (Pages=2)      I

1750 D. Eastlake, S. Crocker, J. Schiller, "Randomness Recommendations    I
     for Security", 12/29/1994. (Pages=25) (Format=.txt) 

1640 S. Crocker, "The Process for Organization of Internet Standards      I
     Working Group (POISED)", 06/09/1994. (Pages=10) (Format=.txt) 

1636 I. Architecture Board, R. Braden, D. Clark, S. Crocker, C. Huitema,  I
     "Report of IAB Workshop on Security in the Internet Architecture - 
     February 8-10, 1994", 06/09/1994. (Pages=52) (Format=.txt) 

1396 S. Crocker, "The Process for Organization of Internet Standards      I
     Working Group (POISED)", 01/11/1993. (Pages=10) (Format=.txt) 

1281 S. Crocker, B. Fraser, R. Pethia, "Guidelines for the Secure         I
     Operation of the Internet", 11/27/1991. (Pages=10) (Format=.txt,) 

0169 S. Crocker, "Computer networks", 05/27/1971. (Pages=5) (Format=)     

0154 S. Crocker, "Exposition style", 05/12/1971. (Pages=1) (Format=)      
     (Obsoletes RFC 0132) 

0149 S. Crocker, "Best laid plans", 05/10/1971. (Pages=1) (Format=.txt)   
     (Updates RFC 0140) 

0140 S. Crocker, "Agenda for the May NWG meeting", 05/04/1971. (Pages=3)  

0123 S. Crocker, "Proffered official ICP", 04/20/1971. (Pages=4)          
     (Format=) (Updates RFC 0098) (Obsoletes RFC 0066) (Obsoleted/Updated by 
     RFC 0165) 

0116 S. Crocker, "Structure of the May NWG meeting", 04/12/1971.          
     (Pages=1) (Format=) (Updates RFC 0099) 

0111 S. Crocker, "Pressure from the chairman", 03/31/1971. (Pages=2)      
     (Format=) (Updates RFC 0107) 

0107 R. Bressler, S. Crocker, W. Crowther, G. Grossman, R. Tomlinson,     
     "Output of the Host-Host Protocol glitch cleaning committee", 
     03/23/1971. (Pages=11) (Format=) 

0104 J. Postel, S. Crocker, "Link 191", 02/25/1971. (Pages=1) (Format=)   

0102 S. Crocker, "Output of the Host-Host Protocol glitch cleaning        
     committee", 02/22/1971. (Pages=6) (Format=) 

0095 S. Crocker, "Distribution of NWG/RFC's through the NIC",             
     02/04/1971. (Pages=4) (Format=) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 0155) 

0086 S. Crocker, "Proposal for a network standard format for a data       
     stream to control graphics display", 01/05/1971. (Pages=5) 

0085 S. Crocker, "Network Working Group meeting", 12/28/1970. (Pages=1)   

0075 S. Crocker, "Network meeting", 10/14/1970. (Pages=1) (Format=)       

0073 S. Crocker, "Response to NWG/RFC 67", 09/25/1970. (Pages=1)          

0070 S. Crocker, "Note on padding", 10/15/1970. (Pages=8) (Format=)       

0066 S. Crocker, "NIC - third level ideas and other noise", 08/26/1970.   
     (Pages=3) (Format=) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 0123) 

0055 J. Newkirk, M. Kraley, J. Postel, S. Crocker, "Prototypical          
     implementation of the NCP", 06/19/1970. (Pages=32) (Format=) 

0054 S. Crocker, J. Postel, J. Newkirk, M. Kraley, "Official protocol     
     proffering", 06/18/1970. (Pages=16) (Format=) 

0053 S. Crocker, "Official protocol mechanism", 06/09/1970. (Pages=1)     

0052 J. Postel, S. Crocker, "Updated distribution list", 07/01/1970.      
     (Pages=3) (Format=) 

0048 J. Postel, S. Crocker, "Possible protocol plateau", 04/21/1970.      
     (Pages=16) (Format=) 

0045 J. Postel, S. Crocker, "New protocol is coming", 04/14/1970.         
     (Pages=1) (Format=) 

0037 S. Crocker, "Network meeting epilogue, etc", 03/20/1970. (Pages=4)   

0036 S. Crocker, "Protocol notes", 03/16/1970. (Pages=7) (Format=)        
     (Updates RFC 0033) 

0035 S. Crocker, "Network meeting", 03/03/1970. (Pages=1) (Format=)       

0033 S. Crocker, "New Host-Host Protocol", 02/12/1970. (Pages=31)         
     (Format=) (Obsoletes RFC 0011) 

0030 S. Crocker, "Documentation conventions", 02/04/1970. (Pages=1)       
     (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes RFC 0027) 

0027 S. Crocker, "Documentation conventions", 12/09/1969. (Pages=3)       
     (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes RFC 0024) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 0030) 

0025 S. Crocker, "No high link numbers", 10/30/1969. (Pages=1)            

0024 S. Crocker, "Documentation conventions", 11/21/1969. (Pages=3)       
     (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes RFC 0016) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 0027) 

0016 S. Crocker, "M.I.T", 09/27/1969. (Pages=1) (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes  
     RFC 0010) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 0024) 

0010 S. Crocker, "Documentation conventions", 07/29/1969. (Pages=3)       
     (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes RFC 0003) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 0016) 

0006 S. Crocker, "Conversation with Bob Kahn", 04/10/1969. (Pages=1)      

0003 S. Crocker, "Documentation conventions", 04/09/1969. (Pages=2)       
     (Format=.txt) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 0010) 

0001 S. Crocker, "Host software", 04/07/1969. (Pages=7) (Format=)         

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