Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - R. Tomlinson

0700 E. Mader, W. Plummer, R. Tomlinson, "Protocol experiment",           
     08/01/1974. (Pages=6) (Format=.txt) 

0636 J. Burchfiel, B. Cosell, R. Tomlinson, D. Walden, "TIP/Tenex         
     reliability improvements", 06/10/1974. (Pages=9) (Format=.txt) 

0561 A. Bhushan, K. Pogran, R. Tomlinson, J. White,                       
     "Standardizingnetwork mail headers", 09/05/1973. (Pages=2) 

0529 A. McKenzie, R. Thomas, R. Tomlinson, K. Pogran, "Note on protocol   
     synch sequences", 06/29/1973. (Pages=6) (Format=) 

0467 J. Burchfiel, R. Tomlinson, "Proposed change to Host-Host            
     Protocol:Resynchronization of connection status", 02/20/1973. 
     (Pages=13) (Format=) 

0107 R. Bressler, S. Crocker, W. Crowther, G. Grossman, R. Tomlinson,     
     "Output of the Host-Host Protocol glitch cleaning committee", 
     03/23/1971. (Pages=11) (Format=) 

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