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RFCs Authored by - R. Thomas

0677 p. Johnson, R. Thomas, "Maintenance of duplicate databases",         
     01/27/1975. (Pages=9) (Format=) 

0644 R. Thomas, "On the problem of signature authentication for network   
     mail", 07/22/1974. (Pages=6) (Format=.txt) 

0546 R. Thomas, "Tenex load averages for July 1973", 08/10/1973.          
     (Pages=4) (Format=) 

0535 R. Thomas, "Comments on File Access Protocol", 07/25/1973.           
     (Pages=0) (Format=) 

0529 A. McKenzie, R. Thomas, R. Tomlinson, K. Pogran, "Note on protocol   
     synch sequences", 06/29/1973. (Pages=6) (Format=) 

0504 R. Thomas, "Distributed resources workshop announcement",            
     04/30/1973. (Pages=4) (Format=) 

0478 R. Bressler, R. Thomas, "FTP server-server interaction - II",        
     03/26/1973. (Pages=2) (Format=) 

0471 R. Thomas, "Workshop on multi-site executive programs",. (Pages=2)   

0470 R. Thomas, "Change in socket for TIP news facility", 03/13/1973.     
     (Pages=1) (Format=) 

0458 R. Bressler, R. Thomas, "Mail retrieval via FTP", 02/20/1973.        
     (Pages=2) (Format=) 

0441 R. Bressler, R. Thomas, "Inter-Entity Communication - an             
     experiment", 01/19/1973. (Pages=10) (Format=) 

0438 R. Thomas, R. Clements, "FTP server-server interaction",             
     01/15/1973. (Pages=5) (Format=) 

0426 R. Thomas, "Reconnection Protocol", 01/26/1973. (Pages=16)           

0339 R. Thomas, "MLTNET: A "Multi Telnet" subsystem for Tenex",           
     05/05/1972. (Pages=8) (Format=) 

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