Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - R. Bressler

0487 R. Bressler, "Free file transfer", 04/06/1973. (Pages=2) (Format=)   

0486 R. Bressler, "Data transfer revisited", 03/20/1973. (Pages=2)        

0478 R. Bressler, R. Thomas, "FTP server-server interaction - II",        
     03/26/1973. (Pages=2) (Format=) 

0458 R. Bressler, R. Thomas, "Mail retrieval via FTP", 02/20/1973.        
     (Pages=2) (Format=) 

0441 R. Bressler, R. Thomas, "Inter-Entity Communication - an             
     experiment", 01/19/1973. (Pages=10) (Format=) 

0425 R. Bressler, ""But my NCP costs $500 a day"", 12/19/1972. (Pages=1)  

0407 R. Bressler, R. Guida, A. McKenzie, "Remote Job Entry Protocol",     H
     10/16/1972. (Pages=24) (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes RFC 0360) 

0361 R. Bressler, "Deamon processes on host 106", 07/05/1972. (Pages=1)   

0333 R. Bressler, D. Murphy, D. Walden, "Proposed experiment with a       
     Message Switching Protocol", 05/15/1972. (Pages=52) (Format=) 

0107 R. Bressler, S. Crocker, W. Crowther, G. Grossman, R. Tomlinson,     
     "Output of the Host-Host Protocol glitch cleaning committee", 
     03/23/1971. (Pages=11) (Format=) 

0072 R. Bressler, "Proposed moratorium on changes to network protocol",   
     09/28/1970. (Pages=3) (Format=) 

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