Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - R. Atkinson

2130 C. , C. Preston, K. Simonsen, H. Alvestrand, R. Atkinson, Crispin,   I
     P. Svanberg, "The Report of the IAB Character Set Workshop held 29 
     February - 1 March, 1996", 04/21/1997. (Pages=31) (Format=.txt) 

2082 F. Baker, R. Atkinson, "RIP-2 MD5 Authentication", 01/10/1997.       PS
     (Pages=12) (Format=.txt) 

1827 R. Atkinson, "IP Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP)", 08/09/1995.  PS
     (Pages=12) (Format=.txt) 

1826 R. Atkinson, "IP Authentication Header", 08/09/1995. (Pages=13)      PS

1825 R. Atkinson, "Security Architecture for the Internet Protocol",      PS
     08/09/1995. (Pages=22) (Format=.txt) 

1704 N. Haller, R. Atkinson, "On Internet Authentication", 10/26/1994.    I
     (Pages=17) (Format=.txt) 

1626 R. Atkinson, "Default IP MTU for use over ATM AAL5", 05/19/1994.     PS
     (Pages=5) (Format=.txt) 

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