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RFCs Authored by - P. Barker

1617 P. Barker, S. Kille, T. Lenggenhager, "Naming and Structuring        I
     Guidelines for X.500 Directory Pilots", 05/20/1994. (Pages=28) 
     (Format=.txt) (RTR 11) (Obsoletes RFC 1384) 

1564 P. Barker, R. Hedberg, "DSA Metrics (OSI-DS 34 (v3))", 01/14/1994.   I
     (Pages=20) (Format=.txt) 

1431 P. Barker, "DUA Metrics", 02/26/1993. (Pages=19) (Format=.txt)       I

1384 P. Barker, S. Hardcastle-Kille, "Naming Guidelines for Directory     I
     Pilots", 02/11/1993. (Pages=12) (Format=.txt, .ps) 
     (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 1617) 

1274 P. Barker, S. Kille, "The COSINE and Internet X.500 Schema",         PS
     11/27/1991. (Pages=60) (Format=.txt) 

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