Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - M. Steenstrup

1992 I. Castineyra, J. Chiappa, M. Steenstrup, "The Nimrod Routing        I
     Architecture", 08/30/1996. (Pages=27) (Format=.txt) 

1479 M. Steenstrup, "Inter-Domain Policy Routing Protocol Specification:  PS
     Version 1", 07/26/1993. (Pages=108) (Format=.txt, .ps) 

1478 M. Lepp, M. Steenstrup, "An Architecture for Inter-Domain Policy     PS
     Routing", 07/26/1993. (Pages=35) (Format=.txt, .ps) 

1477 M. Steenstrup, "IDPR as a Proposed Standard", 07/26/1993.            I
     (Pages=13) (Format=.txt, .ps) 

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