Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - L. Chapin

1410 Internet Architecture Board, L. Chapin, "IAB OFFICIAL PROTOCOL       S
     STANDARDS", 03/24/1993. (Pages=35) (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes 
     RFC 1360) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 1500) (STD 1) 

1401 Internet Architecture Board, L. Chapin, "Correspondence between the  I
     IAB and DISA on the use of DNS throughout the Internet", 
     01/13/1993. (Pages=8) (Format=.txt) 

1358 L. Chapin, "Charter of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB)",       I
     08/07/1992. (Pages=5) (Format=.txt) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 1601) 

1287 R. Braden, V. Cerf, L. Chapin, D. Clark, R. Hobby, "Towards the      I
     Future Internet Architecture", 12/12/1991. (Pages=29) (Format=.txt) 

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