Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - J. White

0708 J. White, "Elements of a distributed programming system",            
     01/28/1976. (Pages=29) (Format=.txt) 

0707 J. White, "High-level framework for network-based resource           
     sharing", 12/23/1975. (Pages=27) (Format=.txt) 

0674 J. Postel, J. White, "Procedure call documents - version 2",         
     12/12/1974. (Pages=4) (Format=.txt) 

0624 M. Krilanovich, G. Gregg, W. Hathaway, J. White, "Comments on the    
     File Transfer Protocol", 02/28/1974. (Pages=4) (Format=.txt) 
     (Obsoletes RFC 0607) 

0561 A. Bhushan, K. Pogran, R. Tomlinson, J. White,                       
     "Standardizingnetwork mail headers", 09/05/1973. (Pages=2) 

0555 J. White, "Responses to critiques of the proposed mail protocol",    
     07/30/1973. (Pages=14) (Format=) 

0524 J. White, "Proposed Mail Protocol", 06/13/1973. (Pages=44)           

0510 J. White, "Request for network mailbox addresses", 05/30/1973.       
     (Pages=3) (Format=) 

0480 J. White, "Host-dependent FTP parameters", 03/08/1973. (Pages=1)     

0479 J. White, "Use of FTP by the NIC Journal", 03/08/1973. (Pages=6)     

0409 J. White, "Tenex interface to UCSB's Simple-Minded File System",     
     12/08/1972. (Pages=8) (Format=) 

0217 J. White, "Specifications changes for OLS, RJE/RJOR, and SMFS",      
     09/08/1971. (Pages=2) (Format=) (Updates RFC 0074) 

0216 J. White, "Telnet access to UCSB's On-Line System", 09/08/1971.      
     (Pages=27) (Format=) 

0206 J. White, "User Telnet - description of an initial implementation",  
     08/09/1971. (Pages=17) (Format=) 

0194 V. Cerf, E. Harslem, J. Heafner, R. Metcalfe, J. White, "Data        
     Reconfiguration Service - compiler/interpreter implementation 
     notes", 07/01/1971. (Pages=22) (Format=) 

0132 J. White, "Typographical error in RFC 107", 04/28/1971. (Pages=0)    
     (Format=) (Updates RFC 0107) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 0154) 

0122 J. White, "Network specifications for UCSB's Simple-Minded File      
     System", 04/26/1971. (Pages=21) (Format=) 

0113 E. Harslem, J. Heafner, J. White, "Network activity report: UCSB     
     Rand", 04/05/1971. (Pages=2) (Format=) 

0105 J. White, "Network specifications for Remote Job Entry and Remote    
     Job Output Retrieval at UCSB", 03/22/1971. (Pages=8) (Format=) 

0078 E. Harslem, J. Heafner, J. White, "NCP status report: UCSB/Rand",    
     10/01/1970. (Pages=1) (Format=) 

0074 J. White, "Specifications for network use of the UCSB On-Line        
     System", 10/16/1970. (Pages=11) (Format=) 

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