Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - J. Romaguera

1802 H. Alvestrand, K. Jordan, S. Langlois, J. Romaguera, "Introducing    I
     Project Long Bud: Internet Pilot Project for the Deployment of 
     X.500 Directory Information in Support of X.400 Routing", 
     06/12/1995. (Pages=11) (Format=.txt) 

1616 E. Huizer, J. Romaguera, RARE WG-MSG Task Force 88, "X.400(1988)     I
     for the Academic and Research Community in Europe", 05/19/1994. 
     (Pages=44) (Format=.txt) (RTR 10) 

1496 H. Alvestrand, J. Romaguera, K. Jordan, "Rules for downgrading       PS
     messages from X.400/88 to X.400/84 when MIME content-types are 
     present in the messages", 08/26/1993. (Pages=7) (Format=.txt) 
     (Updates RFC 1328) 

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