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RFCs Authored by - J. Pickens

0756 J. Pickens, E. Feinler, J. Mathis, "NIC name server - a              
     datagram-based information utility", 07/01/1979. (Pages=11) 

0570 J. Pickens, "Experimental input mapping between NVT ASCII and UCSB   
     On Line System", 10/30/1973. (Pages=10) (Format=) 

0545 J. Pickens, "Of what quality be the UCSB resources evaluators?",     
     07/23/1973. (Pages=2) (Format=) 

0525 W. Parrish, J. Pickens, "MIT-MATHLAB meets UCSB-OLS -an example of   
     resource sharing", 06/01/1973. (Pages=10) (Format=) 

0519 J. Pickens, "Resource evaluation", 06/01/1973. (Pages=6) (Format=)   

0490 J. Pickens, "Surrogate RJS for UCLA-CCN", 03/06/1973. (Pages=5)      

0485 J. Pickens, "MIX and MIXAL at UCSB", 03/19/1973. (Pages=1)           

0398 J. Pickens, E. Faeh, "ICP sockets", 09/22/1972. (Pages=2) (Format=)  

0369 J. Pickens, "Evaluation of ARPANET services January-March, 1972",    
     07/25/1972. (Pages=14) (Format=) 

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