Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - J. Melvin

0223 J. Melvin, R. Watson, "Network Information Center schedule for       
     network users", 09/14/1971. (Pages=3) (Format=) 

0153 J. Melvin, R. Watson, "SRI ARC-NIC status", 05/15/1971. (Pages=4)    

0124 J. Melvin, "Typographical error in RFC 107", 04/19/1971. (Pages=1)   
     (Format=) (Updates RFC 0107) 

0097 J. Melvin, R. Watson, "First cut at a proposed Telnet Protocol",     
     02/15/1971. (Pages=10) (Format=) 

0041 J. Melvin, "IMP-IMP teletype communication", 03/30/1970. (Pages=1)   

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