Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - E. Feinler

0954 E. Feinler, K. Harrenstien, M. Stahl, "NICNAME/WHOIS", 10/01/1985.   DS
     (Pages=4) (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes RFC 0812) 

0953 E. Feinler, K. Harrenstien, M. Stahl, "Hostname Server",             H
     10/01/1985. (Pages=5) (Format=.txt) (Obsoletes RFC 0811) 

0952 K. Harrenstien, M. Stahl, E. Feinler, "DoD Internet host table       
     specification", 10/01/1985. (Pages=6) (Format=.txt) 

0811 K. Harrenstien, V. White, E. Feinler, "Hostnames Server",            
     03/01/1982. (Pages=5) (Format=.txt) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 0953) 

0810 E. Feinler, K. Harrenstien, Z. Su, V. White, "DoD Internet host      
     table specification", 03/01/1982. (Pages=9) (Format=.txt) 
     (Obsoletes RFC 0608) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 0952) 

0756 J. Pickens, E. Feinler, J. Mathis, "NIC name server - a              
     datagram-based information utility", 07/01/1979. (Pages=11) 

0627 M. Kudlick, E. Feinler, "ASCII text file of hostnames", 03/25/1974.  
     (Pages=1) (Format=) 

0625 M. Kudlick, E. Feinler, "On-line hostnames service", 03/07/1974.     
     (Pages=1) (Format=) 

0597 N. Neigus, E. Feinler, "Host status", 12/12/1973. (Pages=9)          

0585 D. Crocker, N. Neigus, E. Feinler, J. Iseli, "ARPANET users          
     interest working group meeting", 11/06/1973. (Pages=9) (Format=) 

0518 N. Vaughan, E. Feinler, "ARPANET accounts", 06/19/1973. (Pages=0)    

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