Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - C. Weider

1914 P. Faltstrom, R. Schoultz, C. Weider, "How to interact with a        PS
     Whois++ mesh", 02/28/1996. (Pages=10) (Format=.txt) 

1913 C. Weider, J. Fullton, S. Spero, "Architecture of the Whois++ Index  PS
     Service", 02/28/1996. (Pages=16) (Format=.txt) 

1862 M. McCahill, J. , M. Schwartz, K. Sollins, T. Verschuren, C.         I
     Weider, "Report of the IAB Workshop on Internet Information 
     Infrastructure, October 12-14, 1994", 11/03/1995. (Pages=27) 

1835 P. Deutsch, R. Schoultz, P. Faltstrom, C. Weider, "Architecture of   PS
     the WHOIS++ service", 08/16/1995. (Pages=41) (Format=.txt) 

1728 C. Weider, "Resource Transponders", 12/16/1994. (Pages=6)            I

1727 C. Weider, P. Deutsch, "A Vision of an Integrated Internet           I
     Information Service", 12/16/1994. (Pages=11) (Format=.txt) 

1491 C. Weider, R. Wright, "A Survey of Advanced Usages of X.500",        I
     07/26/1993. (Pages=18) (Format=.txt) (FYI 21) 

1309 S. Heker, J. Reynolds, C. Weider, "Technical Overview of Directory   I
     Services Using the X.500 Protocol", 03/12/1992. (Pages=16) 
     (Format=.txt) (FYI 14) 

1308 J. Reynolds, C. Weider, "Executive Introduction to Directory         I
     Services Using the X.500 Protocol", 03/12/1992. (Pages=4) 
     (Format=.txt) (FYI 13) 

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