Internet Spec List

RFCs Authored by - A. Vezza

0419 A. Vezza, "To: Network liaisons and station agents", 12/12/1972.     
     (Pages=1) (Format=) 

0246 A. Vezza, "Network Graphics meeting", 10/05/1971. (Pages=1)          

0234 A. Vezza, "Network Working Group meeting schedule", 10/05/1971.      
     (Pages=1) (Format=) (Updates RFC 0222) 

0232 A. Vezza, "Postponement of network graphics meeting", 09/23/1971.    
     (Pages=1) (Format=) 

0207 A. Vezza, "September Network Working Group meeting", 08/09/1971.     
     (Pages=2) (Format=) (Obsoleted/Updated by RFC 0212) 

0134 A. Vezza, "Network Graphics meeting", 04/29/1971. (Pages=2)          

0087 A. Vezza, "Topic for discussion at the next Network Working Group    
     meeting ", 01/12/1971. (Pages=3) (Format=) 

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